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The picture I am holding here was painted by my grandmother. Art is in my blood, so to speak. 


I was born in the Franconian city of Erlangen in the northwest of Bavaria and now live and work in the beautiful metropolitan region of Nuremberg, Germany.


My father has lived in South Africa for several years now, which means I am lucky enough to be at home on two continents.


I am creative.

I love to "tinker around".

I am an absolute free spirit.

I have a strong sense of justice.

I can be very emotional.

Sometimes I am very introverted, sometimes I am the opposite.

I am both curious and inquisitive.

Sometimes I am very impatient.

My top five things in life are family, art, animals, nature & food.

I am loyal. Values are generally very important to me.

I love uncontrolled laughter.

I am an organisational talent.
I love when people around me are unapologetic themselves. That´s when I feel most comfortable.

Listening to loud music in the car is the best.

I think a lot and observe everything.

I love to be alone.

I don't like crowds.

I am never bored.

I am good at research.

I am a movie junkie. I couldn't imagine a world without movies and I have the greatest respect for this art form.

I spent my entire childhood in a riding stable.

I love iced coffee.

I am a sneakerhead. 

I talk in my sleep.

I don't like attention - I just want to be successful.

I´m an epicure // Zodiac sign: Taurus

I'm not a baker, but I love cooking.

I prefer doers to theorists.

I live the motto "give credit where credit is due"




I see my life as an artist as a journey and am constantly on the lookout for new impulses. I am convinced that it is precisely this search and joy of discovery that drives me forward as an artist. 


My intrinsic motivation is driven exclusively by external inspiration. It is omnipresent, whether I consciously perceive it or not. I find it in everything. In good conversations, in movies, in pictures, but especially when traveling or being on the road. 


I was lucky enough to be able to travel a lot with my parents as a child. I've always found it fascinating how my perception changes through the diversity of other cultures. The seamless transitions from one dialect to another. The vegetation, the architecture and the different attitudes to life of the people who live there. 

It is exactly this richness that I find in art. The variety of topics, the forms of expression, the handling of different contents, the abundance of implementation and also the amount of possibilities captivate me.

What I see and feel inspires me for my own life and for my work. 


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